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Manufacturer: Hulco

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Hulco Trailers is manufacturer of high quality trailers in first class grade. With premium standard configuration and strong Steel-frames these trailers are made for hard load and long lifetime.

Now a overview over our Hulco trailer offers:

Hulco Medax flat bed trailer:

From 3000 till 3500 Kg gross vehicle weight and with two or even three axles available will this trailer be optimal for big transports. From four to six meters lenght available and with strong wheels equipped. the Aluminium side plates are hingeable under the trailer, many lashing points will secure your cargo and the real tough Steel-frame would not let the trailer bend onder pressure. Over all a trailer for hard work.

Hulco Rota Pivot plate trailer:

From 3000 till 3500 Kg gross vehicle weight available are these pivot plate trailers by hulco a great investment into your future. A strong Steel-frame and quality aluminium and much series-accessories plus possible options like ramps, ladder rack make this trailer a universal companion. The side plates are hingeable and swing under the trailer so that a forklifter can ba user for loading.

Used Hulco Trailers

We also have used Hulco trailers to offer, but they are almost sold before we can put them in our onlineshop. But you can look out for them in our online stock list:
- Used Hulco Trailer